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And the Flesh Became Word: Reflections Theological and Aesthetic


Here are PDFs for 3 of the 24 essays in this collection.  

Walking Mary


VanOosting effectively captures the magic and intensity of childhood, keeping it buoyant amid serious themes of prejudice, molestation, religious hypocrisy, and self-destruction in mid-20thcentury America.

- Kirkus Reviews

The Last Payback


Named ‘Best Book of 1997’ by The Bulletin for the Study of Children’s Literature 


VanOosting takes a refreshingly unsentimental tack in this tale of a 12-year old who sets out to get the whole story of her twin brother’s death.  VanOosting takes a real risk here, but carries it off, thanks to an irrepressible protagonist, a sturdy supporting cast, and a strong, affirmative finish.

- Kirkus Reviews


VanOosting is unerring in his depiction of community and familial responses to death.

- The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books


Both hilarious and heartbreaking.

- Booklist


With all Dimple’s rough edges and antagonistic outlook, she is believable and consistently drawn. 

- The Hornbook Magazine

Electing J.J.



Named ‘Best Book' of 1990 by Parents Magazine 


Optioned to Disney Television and Film

                                                              Laugh-aloud humor punctuates this comic/serious page-turner.

- School Library Journal


Readers will find this spirited spoof cleverly written and highly entertaining. 

- Publishers Weekly


VanOosting is a skilled storyteller, capable of amusing his young readers while giving them something to ponder.  Electing J. J. combines broad appeal with superior writing—a distinct pleasure. 

- Arielle North - St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Maxie's Ghost


An endearing, eerie story.

- Publishers Weekly


A wonderful, life-affirming book that gives dignity to a child’s grief. 

- Kirkus Reviews


The author skillfully combines the elements of adventure, suspense, and family bonds. 

- Children’s Book Review Service


This author has an unusually fine ear for smooth-flowing, concise and rhythmic prose. 

- St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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